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January 13, 2007


I contributed a song to the mp3-compilation "Electronica Unplugged" on the Aerotone netlabel! My song is called "Mi Barco" and it's a preview of the new material. In this compilation you can also find music by other 9 artists from around the world. Go ahead to Aerotone and download the compilation for free! You'll like it :)

Now you can buy my CD "Music For Students and Their Friends" at the iTunes store. Click on this word.


October 8 , 2006


It's been a long time...

A lot of work with Balún, and now in my new school. In the past months I wrote music for a mini-ballet, a movie, a documentary, and an animated short. But Arturo is still en el barco somewhere. He has a new friend called "Cerdito".

For now I can tell that I already started working on songs that will be part of my new album. Hopefully it will come out in 2007. I'll let you know!

A new song! Look for me in an upcoming compilation by the german netlabel Aerotone. They've got some very nice melodic electronic sounds!

Since the last update I was invited to join the Paris-based collective Haiku-Bang. They promote independent music from around the world in France. :)

Oh yeah. I got a space. Please drop by and say hello at www.myspace.com/arturoenelbarco

And finally here are some reviews and mentions of "Music For Students And Their Friends": Les Inrockuptibles, Angryape, Ondefixe, Soundslike, A Découvrir Absolument, Etherreal, Autres Directions, Electronica En Tu Idioma, Losingtoday, The Black and White Mag, Frecuencia Electronica, Fat Planet, La Mediatheque, Rockomondo, Hi-Nu, Frecuencias Alternas.


November 21, 2005

Hello all. My new album titled "Music for Students and Their Friends" (Carte Postale 2005) is finally out! In this album you will find new AEEB songs plus remixes by Arturo's newest friends: I Am Robot and Proud (Darla/Catmobile), .Tape. (Spa.rk), Phasmid (Skylab Operations), Balún (Brilliante Records), and Text Adventure (Skylab Operations). For now you can buy it at Carte Postale Records (Belgium). Soon the album will be available in other stores around the world. We are planning a recital/release for december 2005 with some of Arturo's closest friends!


August 17, 2005

Hi all. We've been quiet but very busy! We found a new home for the next album. The upcoming Arturo en el Barco CD will be released by the microlabel Carte Postale Records (Belgium). They have really nice artists like Bidibop, Pillow and Jumbo Jet. Be sure to check them out at : www.cartepostalerecords.be

An Arturo en el Barco song has been featured on the first release of the new mixtape netlabel Op3n.net! You can download for free the complete mixtape done by Applezup over here!

Reviews! There a few online reviews of my lastest EP "Music for Students"! You can read them by following these links: Lost In Sound, Nim-Explorer, Comfort Music, Experimental Laboratory of Tuscany, and Avant.Folk . Enjoy.


March 24, 2005

I'm very happy to announce the release of my "Music for Students" EP on the austrian net label Observatory. This EP is a collection of stories about students that never grew up. To download for free the four songs of the EP please visit www.observatoryonline.org.