Arturo en el Barco - "Music For Students And Their Friends" CD [cap17]
(Carte Postale Records 2005)


01. beth dorris
02. candy tucker
03. kyle parker
04. raymond dotson
05. lisa mattes
06. barbara kelm
07. candy tucker (i am robot and proud remix)
08. candy tucker (phasmid remix)
09. hello beth (balún remix)
10. bye candy (.tape. remix)
11. beth dorris (text adventure remix)

You can buy this album (for now) at Carte Postale Records and also at the iTunes store.

Arturo en el Barco - “Music for Students” MP3-EP [os41]
(Observatory 2005)


01. beth dorris
02. candy tucker
03. kyle parker
04. raymond dotson

Download the whole EP for free at Observatory.

Arturo en el Barco – "Self Titled"
(Sgulp! Discos 2004)


01. gabriela llega la ciudad/gabriela arrives to the city
02. helio condesando/condensed helium
03. maurice
04. el espejo/the mirror
05. dupsu
06. mi cama/my bed
07. las nubes que entran en mi casa/the clouds that enter in my house
08. tienes que escuchar lo que las piedras no te dicen/you have to listen to what the stones don't tell you
09. gabriela regresa a su hogar/gabriela returns to her home
10. varios inconvenientes/various inconveniences
11. tu pelo/your hair
12. se ahogan los cristales/the crystals are drowning
13. descuidos/negligences
14. de gris a azul/from grey to blue

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V/A - Electronica Unplugged MP3 Album (aer005)
(Aerotone 2006)


01. winterpark - nunns road
02. the banjo consorsium - talk about you
03. leander - directions
04. arturo en el barco - mi barco
05. roll film - the sell
06. bersarin quartett - st. petersburg
07. cantaloup - dawns and echoes
08. akira kosemura - drop
09. teamforest - leave this town (on bicycle)
10. virculum - wwlit alma

Download the complete album for free at Aerotone!